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    ReadyPass is now available in Fredericton NB!

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How can ReadyPass make transit better?

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    Track the bus

    • Track your bus in real-time to know exactly when it will arrive
    • Get notifications when your bus is close (and avoid waiting out in the cold!)
    • Get information about service outages as they happen
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    Plan your route

    • Use the route finder to avoid dealing with confusing schedules and maps
    • Know exactly where to get on, when to transfer, where to get off and when you’ll arrive
    • Search by destination and save your favourites
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    Secure electronic tickets

    • No more carrying change! Purchase e-tickets online or through the app, or use Interac Flash® to pay right on the bus (no account needed)
    • Securely manage your account online, and easily replace lost bus passes
    • Transfer tickets to friends and family, and manage your children’s accounts
    • Track your spending to claim your transit tax credit at the end of the year
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    Free easy-to-use app and web interface

    • Available for both iOS and Android devices, with an intuitive, easy-to-use design

Ready for smart, simple transit?

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    Optimize your spending

    • Track ridership to optimize routes and inform spending decisions
    • Monitor all vehicles in real-time, and improve on-schedule performance
    • Decrease operating expenses, like fuel and tire wear
    • Increase ticket sales with more flexible ticketing options such as single-day passes or 30-day passes that are not tied to the calendar month
    • Reduce call volumes for route information and rider complaints
    • Reduce printing costs for tickets with sturdy reusable passes
    • Minimize ticket fraud with electronically secure bus passes (using Interac-grade security)
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    Connect with your community

    • Increase ridership by making transit more accessible to new and current riders
    • Easily collect feedback from your riders
    • Easily update your routes online and have them instantly available to passengers
    • Support open data initiatives by releasing select datasets to the public if you choose
    • Sync all route times to your central dispatch clock for accuracy and consistency
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    Get actionable insights

    • Use administrator tools like heat maps and bus lookups to better understand your system
    • Keep an eye on key metrics with customizable dashboards
    • Export datasets for detailed analysis
    • Improve credibility by being able to prove drivers were not speeding / did not miss a stop

Ready for your smart transit upgrade?

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    Make every day easier

    • No need to memorize dozens of ticket designs and colours each month—riders just tap their pass on the card-reader, and it tells you instantly if they’ve paid
    • An easy-to-read screen displays the next stops in your route as you drive
    • Reduce rider questions like “Does this bus go to….?”
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    Minimize fraud

    • Minimize ticket fraud with electronically secure bus passes (using Interac-grade security)
    • Improve credibility by being able to prove your speed and timing at stops

Drive a bus?

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About ReadyPass

ReadyPass is the smart bus upgrade every city deserves — and the first that any can access. We’re helping create smart and simple transit for passengers, bus drivers, and the city.

Smart transit shouldn’t be just for massive metropolises. We’re a small team based in a small city, working hard to make transit better for everyone.

Our mission is to make riding the bus easier than driving a car. That means using advancing technology as a tool to enhance the service of existing public transit infrastructure; removing barriers to the growth of public transit in North America; and delivering user-centric features that are accessible to all riders.


We are deeply appreciative of everyone who has given us their advice as we grow, especially:

Maurice Gallant | Chief Information Officer, City of Fredericton
Nicholas Scott | Director of NB Social Policy and Research Network
Darren Charters | Fredericton Transit Manager
Adam King | Cox & Palmer
UNBF Faculty of Business Administration
The Pond-Deshpande Centre
Propel ICT Launch Accelerator

Contact us

For media inquiries, please contact [email protected].


ReadyPass in the news
“We figured out very quickly that ReadyPass knew what they were talking about. They had a great idea that nobody else offered.”Darren Charters, Fredericton Transit Manager
CBC News, October 2015

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